How to Wake a Girl Up Without Getting Her Mad

Make your friend a hearty breakfast to inspire her to wake up.
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If you need to wake a girl up but are nervous she will be angry, you probably feel pressured. This is probably especially true if you know she went to bed very late the night before. Most people need 8 1/2 hours of sleep per day, according to Lisa Shives, medical director of Northshore Sleep Medicine close to Chicago, Illinois. If your friend has only been asleep for two hours, but you are responsible for getting her out of bed, there are several ways you can make waking up more bearable.

1 Play Her Favorite Song

The girl you're waking will be grateful that, instead of hearing a conventional alarm clock, she gets to hear her favorite song as she comes out of her slumber. You may start by playing it very softly, only to gradually raise the volume so that she understands it is time to get up. This will be even more effective if her favorite song is catchy and upbeat, encouraging her to be energetic. Furthermore, she may have the melody of her favorite song running through her head all day long. Music taps into the emotions, and can even be therapeutic, according to Kimberly Sena Moore, a board certified music therapist.

2 Make a Hearty Breakfast

Prepare a hearty, delicious breakfast before you wake your friend up. She may even decide to get out of bed herself when she hears the sizzling bacon or smells the aroma of pancakes. You will not only encourage her to get out of bed but also offer her a healthier start to her day. Beyond giving you energy to start the day, breakfast is linked to health benefits including weight control and improved concentration, according to Kathleen M. Zelman, director of nutrition for WebMD.

3 Bring Her a Treat

Your friend will want to get out of bed if you bring her a treat in order to motivate her. Perhaps she is traditional and would love a steaming cup of coffee; on the other hand, she may prefer a fruit smoothie to energize her. She might even like a candy bar to munch on first thing in the morning. She will not be angry at you for waking her up if you are armed with her most beloved treat first thing in the morning.

4 Give Her Something to Look Forward To

Since you have to wake her up in the morning, she most likely has an obligation. If it is an enjoyable one, remind her of how much fun she is going to have. For example, you may be waking her up to go to the airport for a week-long vacation. However, if the reason you are waking her up is that she has to be at work early, let her know that you will have a surprise waiting for her when she leaves work. You may cook her a great meal or bring her to the mall and have some fun shopping.

Kristen Moutria has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Evangel University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in education from the University of Nebraska.