How to Make Chrome Ask Before Closing All Tabs

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By default, Chrome closes all open tabs when you shut down the browser, and there's no feature that warns you that you're about to close all open tabs. To avoid accidental clicks that close all of your browser tabs, install the official Google Chrome extension, Chrome Toolbox. This extension ensures that if you close a browser window with multiple tabs open, a pop-up notification asks you to confirm whether you want to close all the tabs first.

Download and install Google's Chrome Toolbox to your Chrome browser (link in Resources).

Click the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" button in Chrome. This button has three horizontal black bars. Select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

Click the "Extensions" tab, locate "Chrome Toolbox by Google," and then click the "Options" link under the description of the extension.

Check the box next to "Confirm Before Closing Multiple Tabs" in the "Tabs" section to automatically update your browser's settings.

  • Chrome Toolbox also enables you to close any browser tab by double-clicking it and to use your mouse's scroll wheel to scroll from one tab to the next when you scroll with your cursor hovered over the tabs.
  • You can also configure Chrome Toolbox to make your browser open any link in a new tab, and specify if the new tab should be in the forefront or background.

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