How to Make Invisible Table Borders on Microsoft Word

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By default, freshly-created tables in Microsoft Word have solid black borders around every cell. This is great if you do want the borders, but extremely annoying if you don't. Make table borders completely invisible, both on your screen and when the document is printed using one of several methods; which is faster depends on whether you are trying to hide all borders in the table or just some.

1 Removing All Borders From a Table or Cells

Hover your mouse over the table until the table move handle displays in the upper left corner and then click this handle to select the entire table. Click "Table Tools," select "Design," click the arrow on the "Borders" button and then select "No Borders." This hides the borders for the entire table. If you want to hide the borders only for some specific cells, select those cells by dragging across them with your mouse instead of selecting the entire table. From there, the process works in exactly the same way.

2 Hiding Specific Borders

Place your cursor inside the table to enable the table options, click "Table Tools" and select "Design." Unfold the "Line Style" drop-down menu, the first of several in the Draw Borders section, and select "No Border." Your cursor turns into a paintbrush, and clicking on a border segment will remove it. Once you're done, click anywhere outside the table or press "Esc" to return your cursor to its default.

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