You can choose from a variety of majors in college if you have interest in working with children. When beginning your major program, talk to professors and counselors about the specific classes you should take for your chosen field. Field experiences and internships give you experience while you are still in school that help you succeed in your chosen field.


Many individuals who enjoy working with children major in education. You can choose from several branches of education, depending on the subject and age group you want to teach. These include early childhood education, secondary education or special education. Education programs usually require that students perform field work as a student teacher. Teachers can work in preschool, elementary, middle or high school, and may teach a variety of subjects, from English to music.


Students who major in psychology may work with children in a variety of settings. Psychologists may work exclusively with children as school guidance counselors or as a child psychologist in their own office. To work as a psychologist, you may need additional degrees beyond a bachelor's degree.


Individuals interested in working with and helping children might consider a nursing degree. Pediatric registered nurses work exclusively with children in a hospital or doctor's office. In addition, individuals majoring in nursing can go on to work as a school nurse in an elementary, middle or high school.

Library Science

A major in library science prepares students to work as a librarian or library assistant in a public library. Individuals interested in working with children can choose to work in the children's section of the library. Students who wish to work in a school library may need to obtain a teaching license in addition to a degree in library science.

Social Work

A degree in social work will prepare students to work as social workers. A master's degree and licensure is often required for this work, according to the website Education-Portal. Social workers often spend time working with children and families in schools, adoption agencies and in private homes.