How to Look Good for a Girlfriend at School

Add a few red items to your wardrobe to impress her.
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You are fortunate to have a girlfriend who goes to your school. Because you run into her often and may even share some classes, it is probably important to you to look your best for her. Don't worry about being the most stylish guy on campus in order to impress her. Instead, focus on being well groomed.

1 Show off Your Confidence

Being confident is key to looking good. It is all in how you present yourself. Good posture and a pleasant attitude can make you appear attractive to others, notes psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in the Psychology Today article "Being Beautiful or Handsome Is Easier Than You Think!" Display a confident demeanor by walking with your head held high and your shoulders back. Try to make conversations with your girlfriend upbeat. She will see you as a brave individual and you will give the impression to others that she is off limits.

2 Dress to Impress

Any girl appreciates a guy who is not sloppy. Wearing clothes that are clean and neat is an easy way to make yourself appealing. Regardless of your specific clothing style, try to look put together and presentable. Iron your clothes to keep them wrinkle free and wear a belt to keep your pants from sagging. Polish your shoes and make sure your sneakers are spotless. Wearing something red can enhance your overall look to someone else, explains Nicholson. Perhaps you can carry a red backpack or wear a T-shirt with a red design.

3 Be the King of Clean

You do not want to scare your girlfriend away by smelling gross. Keep your body hygiene in check. Showering or bathing daily with warm water and soap helps get rid of the bacteria that contributes to body odor, notes the TeensHealth article "Hygiene Basics." Lightly spray on cologne with a good smell. Wear deodorant in your armpits and keep your nails well groomed. Keep breath spray handy to combat bad breath.

4 Get a Cool Hair Cut

Shabby hair can be a turn off. Keeping your hair well-groomed and styled can convey self-esteem and that you are a well-managed person, says psychologist Vivian Diller in "The Psychology Behind a 'Good Hair Day.'" Make regular visits to the barber shop to keep your hair looking good and well trimmed. Perhaps you can get your girlfriend's opinion on the type of cut she thinks will flatter your facial shape. Remember to wash your hair regularly and to shave any unwanted facial hair.

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