How to Smell Good All Day for Guys

Smelling good involves proper hygiene, not just using cologne.
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As soon as guys hit puberty, a battle with body odor becomes part of the everyday routine. Good personal hygiene can make the difference between smelling fresh all day and scaring people away, so get into the habit of making sure your mouth, underarms and clothes are clean each morning. Eating a healthy diet and steering clear of foods that bother you also gives you a natural way to combat bad smells.

  • Unscented detergent
  • Mild or no-fragrance deodorants
  • Washcloth or sponge
  • Soap
  • Tongue scraper
  • Mouthwash
  • Dental floss
  • Toothbrush
  • Tootpaste

1 Keep Your Body Fresh

2 Take a shower

Take a shower at least once a day using a soapy washcloth or sponge. Pay special attention to your underarms, feet and private parts.

3 Apply mild

Apply mild or no-fragrance deodorants that combat odor effectively rather than body sprays that just cover up smells.

4 Wash your clothes regularly

Wash your clothes regularly after one or two wearings at most. Stick with high-quality, nonscented detergent.

5 Keep your shoes

Keep your shoes smelling clean by alternating them.

6 Keep a Clean Mouth

7 Brush

Brush your teeth at least once in the morning and once before you go to bed.

8 Use dental floss and mouthwash

Use dental floss and mouthwash to kill germs and remove food particles.

9 Use a tongue scraper

Use a tongue scraper to get rid of any extra bacteria or particles left behind.

  • If you decide to wear cologne, choose a smell that is subtle, and do not over-apply it.

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