How to Learn Sign Language Online Free

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Whether someone in your life suffers from a hearing impairment or you are just interested in learning a new and valuable method of communication, several free online sign language courses exist to help you out. Some sites use photographs, while others use videos. Although each site functions slightly different, all of them start you out learning basic signs before progressing through a more extensive vocabulary.


2 Navigate to the ASLU home page

Navigate to the ASLU home page (see link in Resources).

3 Click First 100 Signs .''

Click "First 100 Signs."

4 Click the Start button

Click the "Start" button to begin the instructional course.

5 Click the Next button

Click the "Next" button to progress through the lessons. Click "Back" to return to a previous lesson.


7 Navigate to the website

Navigate to the website (see link in Resources).

8 Navigate about halfway down the page

Navigate about halfway down the page and click the dictionary with which you want to work. Available dictionaries include Main, Religious and Conversational.

9 Click the dictionary letter

Click the dictionary letter with which you want to start working.

10 Click the word

Click the word you want to learn. Words are listed on the Choices menu. Video instructions on how to sign the selected word appear to the right of the Choices menu after you click it.

11 Start ASL

12 Launch a new Web browser tab

Launch a new Web browser tab and navigate to the Start ASL website (see link in Resources).

13 Click the ASL 1 WORKBOOK

Click the "ASL 1 WORKBOOK (PDF)" link to download the free ASL workbook to your computer. This free workbook is used to assist you as your progress through the site's assignments and activities.

14 On the website

On the website, click the ASL unit with which you want to work. Units are listed under the ASL 1 Units heading on the left side of the page.

15 Click the instructional video

Click the instructional video you want to watch.

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