This is a sharp article on how to keep your night crawlers that you have caught alive for over a month. It uses everyday items that can be found around everyone's home.

We just spent money on buying night crawlers or a good amount of time finding them, now it is time to keep them alive. This is really an easy thing to do as long as you have a cool cellar or room in your refrigerator.

The first thing we need to do is make the home for the night crawlers in our bucket. In our bucket add about 1 inch of leaves that are in various size pieces. On top of that add about 1 cup of sand. Now we need to add about 1 page of newspaper shredded up. Next add 1 cup of black dirt.

Now we need to carefully mix it up making sure to leave it "fluffy" so the night crawlers can move through it. Now add the night crawlers. Place the bucket in the cool cellar or refrigerator. If it is in the refrigerator make sure to check on your crawlers to make sure they don't freeze (some refrigerators are cooler in different spots).

Now we have our crawlers home and the leaves serve as food for the crawlers. About every 3 weeks add about 1/2 cup of leaves for them to eat and they should last for months.