How to Do a Girly Mohawk

Rihanna's long mohawk allows for wavy styling that creates a feminine look.
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If you've been fighting the urge to chop your locks into a mohawk for fear of losing your signature girly style, you can stop hesitating. Mohawks don't have to be spiked into sky-skimming straight styles with gels and lacquers.They can be shaped into a softer look, and topped off with girly accessories. When done right, mohawks are more complimentary than long locks, allowing your features and outfit to take center stage. Take a different approach to your girly style, with a tousled mohawk.

Place your thumbs at the front of your hairline, directly above each eye.

Pull your thumbs back until you reach the center of your head. Grab all hair that falls between them, twist it and pin it to your head with a hair clip. This section will form the mohawk.

Pick up a dime-sized amount of hair wax between your fingertips and place them on each side of your head, just below the mohawk section. Move your fingertips straight down, until the hair is slicked to your head. Move your fingertips to the back of your head, just below the mohawk section, and push the hair down firmly towards the nape of your neck. Choose a wax with strong hold and a matte finish.

Remove the top section from the clip, and pick up a 1-inch-wide section of hair closest to your forehead. Hold it straight up, and insert a teasing comb into the hair at the point 1/2 inch from the tip, on the side facing the back of your head. Comb the hair down, remove the comb, and repeat until the hair stands up on its own.

Pick up a dime-sized amount of styling wax, and pull it through the just-teased section from root to tip, coating both sides while directing the hair to the right. This will create a wavy look.

Tease the next 1-inch-wide section of hair just behind the first section, and then apply wax while directing the hair to the left. Repeat the teasing and wax application on each 1-inch-wide section, alternating between pulling the hair to the right and to the left, until all hair has been styled.

Hold a can of lacquer spray 10 inches away from your head, and apply one coat, concentrating on the waves you created.

Insert an embellished hair clip over the waves on one side of your head. Choose a clip with a bow or ribbon to complete the feminine look.

  • Have your stylist leave the hair at the crown of your head at least 4 inches long, and cut the sides until they are less than 2 inches with a razor.

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