Inexpensive Bible Theological Seminaries That Are Accredited

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For people interested in a career in the clergy or in some other job dealing with ministry, a theological seminary is the place to start. Sometimes called a theological college, these seminaries are education on a postgraduate level, covering spirituality, philosophy and life in a religious capacity. There are several accredited, inexpensive theological seminaries in the United States.

1 Northwestern Theological Seminary

Northwestern Theological Seminary ( is a fully accredited theological college that has been offering degrees for 30 years. Student here can earn a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree, while avoiding the standard tuition found at other, similar colleges. Instead, students make what is called a Love Offer, which is payment for the courses that directly relate to a degree, saving money. Better yet, classes are offered online, providing complete flexibility and affordability.

2 Bible Institute of Hawaii-Center for Christian Studies

What could be better than studying in Hawaii? The Bible Institute of Hawaii-Center for Christian Studies ( is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and course costs are very low, averaging about $45 per course, with most courses supplying needed materials. Classes include topics ranging from how to study the Bible, introductions to Greek and Hebrew in the Bible and the study of kings listed in the Bible, such as David and Saul. The institute has been around for 38 years.

3 Colorado Theological Seminary

The Colorado Theological Seminary ( is associated with the National Christian Counselors Association and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission International. This online seminary offers 18 different programs for earning your degree, in addition to six Certificate Programs, which can then be transferred as credits for an undergraduate degree. There are no federal loans or even grants offered here, but prices are reasonable; they range from $175 to $300, depending on student status and degree program.

4 Bangor Theological Seminary

The Bangor Theological Seminary ( is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and features two different campuses: one in Bangor, Maine, and the other in Portland, Maine. While tuition can reach $445 per credit, classes can be audited, starting at $150. Full refunds are offered after the first class and then drop by 20 percent after each subsequent class. Financial aid and housing are both options for all students. Degrees offered at the Bangor Theological Seminary are Master of Divinity, Master of Arts and Doctor of Ministry.

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