IBM's SPSS Statistics program offers two methods for importing data from Excel files: as an ODCB database, or as a data source. Importing an Excel file as a data source is the simplest option, which is useful for novice users. For database imports, you'll need to be more familiar with the SPSS program (see Resources).

Step 1

Open SPSS. If you are prompted with a window that asks "What would you like to do?," choose the second option, "Type in data."

Step 2

Select the File menu, go down to "Open," then click "Data."

Step 3

In the dropdown box near the bottom of this window, select the type of file (e.g., "Excel" as .xls, .xlsx, or *.xlsm") and navigate to the Excel file you'd like to import. Click "Open."

Step 4

The "Opening Excel Data Source" dialog should appear, allowing you to select an Excel worksheet to import. Check the "Read variable names from the first row of data" box only if the Excel worksheet you selected has variable names in the first row. When you are satisfied with your selection, click "OK."