Advantages & Disadvantages of Fixed Partitions

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Using the space available on your computer hard disk optimally can make the difference between enjoying your PC or not. Computer hard disks come in different sizes, and you can divide the hard disk into different sections, slices or storage units -- a process commonly referred to as partitioning. Computers can have fixed or dynamic partitions; fixed partitions have a constant size while dynamic partitions change in size as needed. Most operating systems included built-in tools mhe managing fixed partitions.

1 Prevent Data Loss

One of the advantages of fixed partitions is that you can prevent data loss during power outages or when software fails. Fixed partitions also increase the chances of data recovery in critical situations. Partition the computer hard disk into at least two major sections to enjoy this advantage. One partition should contain programs while the other partition stores data. In the event a program malfunctions when working on your computer, you can access, retrieve or recover your data intact from the data partition.

2 Operating System

The other advantage of fixed partitions is that you can install more than one operating system. This means you can install an operating system like Windows 10 and Linux on the same hard disk. Different operating systems come with different features and advantages that may or not be available in other operating systems. This means you can dedicate one operating system to a particular task such as video editing and another operating system to another separate job or function.

3 Partition Restrictions

A disadvantage of fixed partitions is the severe restriction that comes through the fixed or allocated space in the particular partition. This limitation prevents you installing a file, folder or program that is bigger than the space provided in the partition. This, therefore, limits the operation or work you can do in any given partition.

4 Loss of Space

Another disadvantage of fixed partitions is the loss of disk space from the total disk space available when running different operating systems on the same hard disk. This especially happens when you are forced to duplicate various files, folders or programs from one operating system to another operating system in order to perform certain work or functions in that particular environment. This duplication of content from one partition to another reduces the overall space you can use in the computer hard disk for other files, folders or programs.

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