How to Write a Letter to a Celebrity

Be sure to read your letter for typos before sending it.
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Writing to your favorite celebrities could become a favorite pastime and a way to express your appreciation and gratitude for their contribution to the arts. Whether you are looking for an autograph or just wanting to let her know your feelings, a well-thought-out letter and knowing the correct place to send it are helpful. Take part of an afternoon, sit down and write a letter to your much-loved actor, author or singer that will make her want to respond.

1 Purpose of Letter

Decide the real reason you are trying to contact the celebrity. For example, are you looking for an autograph? What will you do with an autograph if you receive it? Hopefully, you are a true fan and you will keep it for yourself instead of selling it for a profit. You may be looking for a signed photo for a charity auction or event. If so, you need to communicate this in your letter. You may just want to write your thoughts and opinions to the celebrity or congratulate him on his awards or philanthropic efforts. You might send an item for him to sign such as a magazine cover, a photo or a poster. This is a bit risky as you may not get it back. Only send items you can live without. Whichever it is, be sure you know before you begin to write so you have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve.

2 Construction of Letter

Start by handwriting the letter as that makes it more personal. Keep your letter to a single 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper if you can as celebrities are busy and cannot take much time to read all of their fan mail. Thank him for reading your letter and acknowledge he has a very busy career. Write about things the celebrity has done to impress you in his career. Give sincere compliments pertinent to things currently going on in his life. Show you are up to date and interested in his work. Ask him for an autograph or an autographed photo. If you ask for an inscription, it lets the celebrity know you plan to keep the autograph for yourself. If you are asking on behalf of a charity event, share the information for the charity including name, website and the 501 (c)(3) number. Close the letter by again expressing your gratitude to him for reading the letter. Express that you understand if he cannot honor your request and you understand how busy his career keeps him.

3 Where to Send

Getting the letter to the correct place can be a challenge. You can send the letter to the celebrity’s agent. Look online for mentions of the agent. Often, they are listed in articles about contracts and movie deals. Search for the firm’s address. For sports figures, you can send the letter to the team’s headquarters. Soap-opera stars can receive mail at the studio where they film the show. Try sending the letter to the venue where actors and singers are performing a run of live shows at a specific theater. If your favorite singer is performing 30 shows in Las Vegas, you may be able to reach her there.

4 How to Send

Mail the letter in a 9-by-12-inch envelope and include a self-addressed stamped envelope of equal size if you are requesting an autographed photo. This encourages the celebrity to respond as it makes the process simple. Do not send the letter through an express service; it does not make a difference. Author Christopher Lee May suggests a plain envelope without any special decorations is the best approach. Spell everything correctly on the outside of the envelope to make sure it is delivered to the right address. You may have to send more than one request before you receive a response.

Caroline Baldwin, a corporate communications director located in South Carolina, began writing in 1998. Her work has been published in publications across the United States and Canada including Rolling Stone, Boating Life, Waterski and Wakeboarding magazines. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies from The College of Charleston.