How to Write Campaign Letters to Mail to Voters

Direct mail is a good technique for campaigns with small budgets.

When writing a campaign letter that will be mailed to voters, a politician must briefly highlight why she is the best candidate for the position. The letter should be short and to the point and should direct readers to learn more (at the candidate's website or office). Depending on the profile of the position, many voters will not know the candidate. The letter gives the politician a chance to introduce herself.

Include a photo. A small photo printed on the letterhead and return address is an effective way to personalize it. Voters want to see who they are voting for, and the photo will help build a connection to the candidate. Select a photo where the candidate is smiling and appears confident.

Introduce the candidate. Be professional and positive in the introduction. Outline the background of the candidate, including schooling and relevant experience. Explain why the candidate has chosen to run for this position of office.

Include the basic platform. The platform is a list of promises or initiatives that candidate says she will enact if elected. If the initiatives are not straightforward, include a short summary of why this is a good change for the community.

Ask for the votes. Simply ask people to vote for this candidate. It sounds simple and it is. Perhaps this is why so many politicians miss this point. Use gentle wording that is not demanding or begging. For example, "If you support the policies I wish to initiate and you believe me to be the best candidate, I ask you to cast your vote for me on Nov. 8."

Thank voters for their time and attention. Close the letter by thanking them for reading it. Include information about the office of the candidate and encourage voters to do more research and ask questions. Give voters the relevant information: phone numbers, websites, email and postal addresses.

Sign the letter by hand. A real signature adds a personal touch and makes the mailing seem less cookie-cutter.

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