How to Word a Pastor Ordination Certificate

Being ordained a pastor requires training, study and education.
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A Pastor Ordination Certificate is an official document issued by a church or religious organization certifying that a person has passed the educational and training requirements to call himself an ordained pastor. The wording of these certificates is generally up to the issuing organization but must include a few key components in order to be valid.

Place the title of the organization or church that is ordaining the person at the top of the certificate in large stylized font.

Place the organization or church seal or logo directly above or below the title.

Put "Certificate of Ordination" under the title and logo, centered, in large print.

Place a small paragraph describing the certification and organization. For example it may start with "This is to certify that [person's name here] is a fully ordained pastor [or minister] of the [organization or church name here]." Continue with a brief description of the studies completed or competencies mastered and under what terms, such as "under the policies, guidelines and teachings of this organization."

Add a brief statement of authority to issue the certificate, such as "under the authority of [name of authority] and in the name of [insert particular religion here]." End the paragraph by stating "We hereby ordain..." and below this place the ordained person's full name in large print.

Indicate the date of ordination including the day, month and year. Typically this is done formally. For example, below the name of the person it may say "On this day, the 12th of October, Two-Thousand and Twelve."

Include a signature and date line for the head pastor and another administrative member to sign, confirming that the certificate is official.

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