The Proper Way to Address a Minister With a Doctorate Degree

A minister who holds a doctorate can be address as Reverend or Pastor.

A minister is a person authorized by a religious organization, typically a Christian church, to provide spiritual guidance and lead religious services such as worship, weddings, funerals and baptisms. A minister's title varies, depending on the Christian denomination.

1 Identification

"Reverend" and "pastor" are titles used to address ordained ministers in denominations including Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist and Episcopal. Reverend is used as a respectful address, whereas pastor represents an honorable title. Depending on the preference of the minister, he could be addressed both ways. Some prefer to go by their first name, as in "Reverend Bob" or "Pastor Bob," and others use their last names such as "Reverend Smith" or "Pastor Smith."

2 Significance

When addressing a minister who has a doctorate degree verbally, the titles reverend or pastor should be used in front of the name. This standard protocol is considered a respectful way to address a person who has dedicated his life to the Church and should, therefore, be recognized in place of the "doctor" title.

3 Considerations

When sending written correspondence to a minister, the envelope should be addressed to "Reverend Smith" or "Pastor Smith." The letter’s salutation should read, “Dear Dr. Smith.”

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