How to Address the State Attorney General in a Letter

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Correctly addressing U.S. officials when writing letters or other forms of correspondence is important; you don’t want to address someone of a high ranking position incorrectly. Not only is it considered proper etiquette to properly address a person in a letter, knowing how to address a person automatically makes you come across as educated and serious about the matter for which you are writing.

1 Obtain the name

Obtain the name of the current attorney general of your state; you don’t want to address your letter to the incorrect person, such as an assistant or a former attorney general of the state. This information is available on your state’s official government website.

2 Begin writing your letter

Begin writing your letter by addressing the attorney general of your state. Address your letter as follows:

3 Dear Mr./Madam Attorney General :

Dear Mr./Madam Attorney General:

4 Address the envelope as follows :

Address the envelope as follows:

5 The Honorable

The Honorable (full name of attorney general) Attorney General of (insert state name here) Address

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