A procedure and policy manual helps employees and volunteers understand the day-to-day operations of the church. It also gives them a reference point to complete or address any unfamiliar tasks or situations. The manual should be divided into sections on each department's functions and responsibilities.

Create several headings referring to each department, such as Administrative, Pastoral, Teaching, Building Maintenance, Meetings and Chain of Command.

Write an overview of each department and the types of things they generally handle.

Create a separate page with a separate heading for each function. Examples include “Cash Handling” under the Administrative department, “Marriage Counseling” under the Pastoral Department, and “Sanctuary Cleaning” under Building Maintenance.

Compile a list of simple steps which should be followed in order to complete each function.

Create a table of contents with the major departments as headings and individual procedures listed under each department. Include the page number the procedure starts on. Place the table of contents at the beginning of the manual.

Create a title page with the name of your church procedure and policy manual and put it in the front.