How to Use Native American Crystal Healing. Many Native Americans tribes have developed healing therapies using crystals. While the specifics of ritual practice with crystals varies greatly among tribes and practitioners, the basic concepts of crystal healing remains the same. Developing your own crystal healing skills may take years, but you can use some of the techniques immediately.

Clear your own energy field. Crystals are like amplifiers of energy, working to focus and strengthen the positive while clearing energy blockages. Your body works the same as a crystal, so you must finely tune your own energy and clarify your intentions before working on yourself or others.

Pray, meditate and exercise to balance and strengthen yourself. By respecting all living things through prayer, you will purify and clarify your intention and will. Meditation will center your energy and clear your mind. Physical exercise will enhance and strengthen your energy field and promote strength of the mind, body and spirit. Your ability to communicate with crystals will increase as you perfect these three important steps.

Communicate with your crystals. According to Native American beliefs, crystals can communicate while existing on multiple dimensions. They offer us information we cannot reach ourselves, and they promote harmonic symmetry and perfection within the world. You must become friends with the crystal energies you work with so that they can reveal their purpose to you.

Decorate your body and home with crystals. Speak to them daily and give them to others. Carry them in your pockets when they call out to you. If you have a strong desire to sleep with a crystal under your pillow do it. If you feel someone needs a crystal, give it away.

Let the crystal go if you feel someone else needs the healing energy. The more you work with crystals, the more they will appear in your life when needed. Some crystals may ask to be made into a necklace or charm and stay with you forever, while others may need to be gifted to someone else or used in ritual practice. Remember that crystals are free spirits and they should guide you, not vice versa.

Use your intuition and third sense to determine which crystals to use. Let the crystals tell you how and when to use them. Native Americans believe that a human cannot teach another human how to heal with crystals, as the crystals themselves are the teachers. After many years of communicating with the spirits within the crystals, using them to heal in various situations will come naturally, like an instinct.