How to Cleanse Your House of Spirits

Burn sage to cleanse your home.
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Your home should be a relaxing retreat — a place where you feel safe and comfortable. Restless spirits causing trouble in your home can shatter your peace and quiet and leave you feeling tense and even frightened. While there's no cure-all for suspected hauntings, there are rituals that have been performed by various groups, some dating back centuries, that may convince your ghost to go home for good. In most cases, these rituals are free or very inexpensive and easy to perform.

Anoint your home with olive oil in the Christian tradition to cleanse it of spirits and to invite God's blessings. Sprinkle oil in areas of heavy spiritual activity and in each doorway in your home. Pray for the spirits in your home to find peace and to return home.

Burn dried sage in your home in the Native American tradition. Let the smoke, which is said to have cleansing properties, flow over areas of spiritual activity. Trace around doorways and reach each corner of each room. Communicate with the spirits as you go, asking them to move on.

Call upon a psychic, medium or intuitive to come to your home and assess the situation. Ask her to find out why the spirits remain and what you can do to help them move on. Work with the intuitive until your spirits move on.

Ask your spiritual leaders to come perform a blessing ceremony in your home. Invite members of your spiritual circle to lend energy to the exercise.

Try simply communicating the the spirits on your own. Talk to the spirits when you notice activity and ask them to leave your home and to move on. Explain that they're dead and that this is your home. Urge them to be at peace.

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