How to Protect Yourself From Ghosts or Spirits

Some spirits hang out in old abandoned houses.

If you have a strange sensation that someone is watching you, even though you are alone, it could be more than just an eerie feeling. Signs that a spirit or ghost is nearby include sudden changes in temperature, odd smells, something brushing lightly against your skin or things that seem to move around on their own. Spirits or ghosts may also make themselves present through your dreams. Take measures to protect yourself from unwelcome ghosts if such encounters frighten you or make you uneasy.

Hang a horseshoe facing either up or down above your front door. According to 16th century folklore, horseshoes ward off witches and bring luck to those who pass by. If you don’t have a horseshoe, hang garlic over the door, as it also protects from evil spirits.

Practice daily meditation. Being in touch with your inner self makes you stronger spiritually.

Attach a mezuzah to your door. A mezuzah is a piece of parchment that contains verses from the Torah. When attached to the outside door, it protects those within.

Rosemary repels evil spirits.

Grow rosemary in your yard, keep a sprig of it in your pocket or hang a wreath on your door. In ancient Greece, people burned rosemary at shrines to repel evil spirits and keep illness at bay.

Place a flat mirror in each room facing the doorway. The ghost sees its reflection upon entering the room and gets scared away.

Wear jewelry made from chalcedony, obsidian or silver. All three have protective properties to ward off ghosts.

Hang wind chimes outside. They will ward off evil spirits and sooth your body and soul.

Empower your mind and think positive thoughts. People who constantly think negative thoughts or live in a constant state of fear make it easier for bad spirits to control them. Ghosts are more likely to avoid confident people who emit positive energy.

1 What to Do If You Feel a Ghost Is Near You

Envision a white light surrounding you from head to toe. The white light is protection against danger and harm.

Yell at the ghost and tell it to leave. Be assertive and explain that you don’t want it to return, ever. If the feeling persists, repeat several times until you feel you are alone.

Go into a church, if there is one open that is nearby.

Pray. Ask for protection against evil and bad spirits. If you don’t know any prayers, you can make one up.

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