How to Renew a Military Identification Card

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To access military benefits, a valid military identification card is required for both military members and their dependents. Benefits include access to facilities such as exchange stores, recreation facilities, theaters, commissaries and health care facilities. Current military service members are issued a "DD Form 2" military ID card and can get replacements or updated cards at just about any military installation. Dependent ID cards, however, must be renewed every four years, so these steps cover renewal of dependent ID cards.

1 Follow the link

Follow the link provided in the resource section to obtain a DD Form 1172. This form is titled: "Application for uniformed services identification card. DEERS enrollment." DEERS stands for "Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System"

2 Read the Privacy

Read the Privacy Act Statement and Agency Disclosure Notice included with the form.

3 Fill out sections

Fill out sections 1 through 3 and print the form.

4 Bring the form to your nearest RAPIDS office

Bring the form to your nearest RAPIDS office. These are the offices that are responsible for issuing of military ID cards. You can find your nearest RAPIDS office by following the link provided below.

5 Submit the completed form completed and follow any instructions given to you

Submit the completed form and follow any instructions given to you by the representative at your nearest RAPIDS office. Once everything is completed and approved, you will receive your updated ID promptly.

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