How to Download the NIV Bible

The Internet has plenty of bible-related tools at your fingertips.

A quick search of online Christian resources will match you up with a rich range of Bible study tools, as well as a wealth of Bible translations. Of course, the popular New International Version Bible is available online--and better yet, it is available as a free book download. All you need to do is to press a few keys, and you'll be able to download the NIV Bible to your own PC.

Compare sites providing free Bible downloads. Simply type "Free New International Version (or NIV) Bible Download" into a search engine, and feast your eyes on the abundant results. Look for the site that fits you best. You will want a site that is easy to navigate, and you want to make sure that any Bible you attempt to download is indeed free software and not simply a trial version. There is no reason to pay, since free Christian resources are so readily available on a number of sites.

Proceed with caution. Be aware of the character of whichever site you use to download. Are there any user reviews posted on the site? Are there a ton of ads? Glance up at the URL and make sure that it isn't suspicious in nature. When you decide to download files from websites--even if they are Christian resources--always remember that a possibility exists for your computer security to be compromised. Perform a cleanup after downloading the book by running a scan for spyware and cleaning cookies off your system.

Choose from a selection of audio and text downloads. Not only is the New International Version Bible available as a free book download, but if your eyes get tired from reading the word of God, you can also listen to it for free. If you search online Christian resources, you will find the entire Bible spoken and ready to be used for self-improvement or for study along with other Bible study tools.

Consider performing a manual download. Maybe you don't want to download the entire New International Version Bible at once, but instead need only certain chapters. No problem. Fortunately, a great deal of Christian resources exist on the Internet. You can find Bible study tools ranging from 50 or more Bible translations to Christian coloring book pages. Finding the few portions of scripture that you wish to download instead of a full free book download is a piece of cake. Even if you can't find a Bible passage by chapter and verse, you can probably find the passage by typing parts of it into Google. From there, copy and paste the results into a word-processing document.

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