How to Create a Fierce or Soft Look When Taking Photos

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Knowing how to appear alternately fierce and soft during a photo shoot is among a model's most important and marketable skills. Follow these easy steps, practice your poses and learn to convey a wide range of emotions in your photos.

1 Look Fierce

2 Conjure a memory

Conjure a memory. Before a fierce pose, recall a time when you were determined, angry or challenged. Try to remember everything about the situation so you can convey that emotion in every part of your body.

3 Set your jaw

Set your jaw. Bite down on your back teeth to create a strong jaw line. Suck in your cheeks to make your cheekbones more prominent.

4 Face the camera head-on

Face the camera head-on. Lower your chin slightly and square your shoulders. Push your shoulders down to emphasize the muscles in your shoulders, arms and chest.

5 Your eyebrows

Narrow your eyes and raise your eyebrows slightly. Use your memories to create a fiery look in your eyes.

6 Look Soft

7 Remember a touching moment

Remember a touching moment or think of someone you love. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply before you pose to relax your limbs. Perform a few easy stretches to relax yourself further.

8 Relax your face

Relax your face. Let your lips part and close your eyes slightly. Soften all your facial muscles.

9 Tilt your head

Tilt your head back and to the side. Bring your shoulders forward and relax them. Try to pose for the photo as if the photographer caught you daydreaming.

  • Always turn your face and body toward the strongest light when you model for a photograph.
  • Smart models practice their poses in a mirror before a shoot so they're prepared for any emotion the photographer wants to convey.

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