Flea markets are popular ways to raise money for charity.

Holding a flea market or swap meet for a charity fundraiser is a popular idea. Usually seen at schools, churches, and fire stations, flea markets can make money for a cause or support of the institution. Organizing a successful flea market is not difficult, although there are several important things to consider.

Plan where the money will come from. Some flea markets for charity collect a per table or per space fee from the vendors. Others charge a percentage of profits from all sales. The first method works better to get a certain amount of money. The second method does not work if the vendors are not honest.

Decide what you can provide to the flea market vendors who come to sell for charity. Does your location have enough room for everyone to set up? Can you provide a table or booth to each one? Organize the space you have into neat, navigable rows for easy shopping.

Determine what the flea market vendors are allowed to sell. Church charity events may not like the vendors to sell pagan related items. Adult items, swords and knives, and fireworks may be illegal to sell in your area. Be clear about your guidelines when selling table or booth space.

Advertise to attract vendors to the flea market. Without them, your flea market for charity will not collect any money. Take out an attractive, eye-catching advertisement in local newspapers. Post flyers or signs at the shops, community center, library, and schools. Put a large sign outside your establishment to advertise that a flea market for charity will be held there soon.

Things Needed

  • ['Location to hold the flea market', 'Charity to donate to', 'Advertising flyers', 'Newspaper or other advertisements', 'People']


  • Advertise for vendors well in advance of the charity date. Be sure everyone understands the rules. Make the charity the focus of the flea market day.


  • Check local laws about selling baked goods or other products.