How to Create & Design Your Personal Flag Online

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Flags are used all over the world. They are mainly used to identify different countries, regions, and nations, but almost every flag has some sort of symbolic meaning behind it. For example, the 13 stripes on the American flag represent the original 13 colonies, and the 50 stars represent the 50 states. By creating your own flag, you can create a symbolic representation of yourself along with colors and designs. Creating your own flag online can be done quickly and easily.

1 Visit the Scholastic website

Visit the Scholastic website and navigate to the Make a Flag page (see References).

2 Select a background for your flag

Select a background for your flag. You can choose from nine backgrounds, from an "X" shape to a dove. Select the background by clicking on it. It should appear on the flag template. Experiment with different backgrounds. You can add one design from each row.

3 Select colors for your flags

Select colors for your flags. Click on the color and then move your mouse cursor to the area of the flag that you wish to color. Click on that area to drop the color onto the flag. Continue adding color to your flag until the whole flag has been colored.

4 Print out your flag

Print out your flag or open it in an image-editing program like Microsoft Paint to add words or other designs. To open your image in an image-editing program, press PRT SC or PRINT SCREEN on your keyboard and click "Edit" and "Paste" in the program.

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