How to Put Pics on a Kindle Fire Home Screen

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Setting a wallpaper on your Kindle Fire eReader will give a personal touch to your device and will also make your home screen more attractive. Even though Amazon does not provide this feature by default, you can use third-party apps from the Google Play store to customize your display. If you want to choose a picture from your eReader's memory, you should use Kindle Fire - Wallpaper Change. Alternatively, download Autumn Live Wallpapers or Live Wallpaper - Components to choose one of the pre-defined dynamic wallpapers.

1 Kindle FIre - Wallpaper Change

2 Launch the Internet browser on your Amazon Kindle

Launch the Internet browser on your Amazon Kindle. Open the Google Play URL for Kindle Fire - Wallpaper Change (link in Resources). Press "Install" to install the app on your device.

3 Launch Kindle Fire-Wallpaper Change

Launch Kindle Fire - Wallpaper Change. Check the "Enabled" box to enable the feature on your eReader. Tap "Wallpaper Image" and select "Single Image" if you want to choose one picture as your background or "Wallpaper Folder" to choose a group of pictures.

4 Select the photo

Select the photo or picture folder using the file browser. Press "OK" to change your Kindle wallpaper.

5 Autumn Live Wallpapers

6 Load

Load the Autumn Live Wallpaper download page into your Amazon Kindle browser (see Resources).

7 Install and launch the application

Install and launch the application. Press the "Settings" button to access its preferences.

8 Select Images

Select "Images" to choose a wallpaper from your eReader's internal memory. Alternatively, select one of the two pre-defined live images, Density and Wind.

9 Tap Update Delay

Tap "Update Delay" and select the delay between frames for your live wallpaper. Exit the application to save your changes and adjust your wallpaper.

10 Live Wallpaper - Components

11 Open the download page for Live Wallpaper-Components

Open the download page for Live Wallpaper - Components into your Kindle browser (link in Resources).

12 Press Install to install the app

Press "Install" to install the app. Tap "Open" after installation to launch the tool.

13 Tap and hold your home screen

Tap and hold your home screen to display the wallpaper selection window. Choose "Gallery" to set a wallpaper from the internal memory of your Kindle. Alternatively, select "Live Wallpapers" or "Wallpapers" to choose one of the pre-defined themes for your eReader.

14 Select your desired wallpaper

Select your desired wallpaper using the file browser. Press "OK" to save your preferences and apply your changes.

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