You can make your horoscope chart online.

Astrology is a belief system in which the position of the sun, stars and other celestial bodies affects earthly matters. People look toward astrology to gain insight into their own lives and personalities, as well as world affairs. A horoscopic chart is a two-dimensional chart that displays the position of celestial bodies, in relation to one another at a particular time, as viewed from a specific place. You can make a horoscope for your own birth online for free.

Ask your parents exactly what time you were born and where, if you're not sure. You need to know the time of day and the location of your birth to make your own online horoscope birth chart. Charts for people born at night can be very different from charts for people born during the morning of the same day, so don't just guess.

Visit a website that offers free horoscope chart making software online in English, such as Astro Jyoti, Spirit Project or Astro Sage. These websites allow you to enter your personal information into an online form and submit it in exchange for a free chart. These websites promise not to share your information with anyone else.

Astro Jyoti

Spirit Project

Astro Sage

Download the horoscope software or sign up for an online account, if necessary, at the website you choose. All of these sites are free, and you won't be charged to download the software or sign up.

Enter your personal information into the form you are directed to. You'll need to enter in your name, the date and time of your birth and the latitudinal and longitudinal location of the hospital you were born in. If you don't know the latitude and longitude of your birthplace, look it up on

Click submit and wait for your chart. Your chart will describe the position of the celestial bodies at your birthdate, time and location. You can use this chart to do your own reading, or you can just read the interpretation offered by the free horoscope software. You can also print your chart out if you want a paper copy to keep or share with a friend.