How to Register Online for Voting

There is usually a deadline to register to vote before an important election.
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The Internet can be a powerful resource for researching political candidates and issues during elections. If you'd like to register to vote in local, state and federal elections and you are a United States citizen that will be at least 18 years of age on or before the day of elections, you can do so in person at a voter registration location in your area or, in most states, through the mail. You can also begin the voter registration process online in all 50 states, and in a handful of states, you can complete the entire process online.

Visit an officially sanctioned online voting registration website, such as Vote411 or Rock The Vote (links in Resources).

Click the link on the home page to register to vote.

Fill out the form completely, indicating whether you are registering for the first time or are registering due to an address or name change. Check the box confirming that you are a US citizen, provide all of your contact information, select your political party and ethnic/racial designation, then submit the form.

Download and print the completed registration form, sign it in the appropriate field and mail it to the voter registration office indicated on the form.

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