With Google Calendars, you can create multiple calendars to keep track of activities, events and special dates. However, while the Google service shows the duration of calendar events, it doesn't show the total amount of time dedicated to these activities. Using GTimeReport, you can see the time spent on each individual Google calendar. This third-party application is free and requires only a Google account to access.

Step 1

Open the GTimeReport website (link in resources). Click "Login to your Google Account" located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Step 2

Sign in with your Google username and password. Click "Grant Access" to allow the site to access your Google calendar information.

Step 3

Check off the calendars you wish to include in your time report under "Your Calendars." Click "Select All" to choose all the listings.

Step 4

Choose the time period for the report by entering the year, month and date in the "From" and "To" sections located under Period.

Step 5

Choose your location and language under Locale. Check the boxes under Output to further customize your report. For example, you may choose to filter your all-day events, or show a summary table in the report.

Step 6

Choose one of the reporting options at the bottom to create your report. You may choose to simply create a report, export a report to Excel or move the report to a new window.