Knowing the exact time of your birth is a necessary piece of information if you want to create an astrological birth chart. Regardless of where you were born, there's a way for you to find your birth time.

Talk to your parents. They may have recorded the exact time of your birth in a journal or baby book. However, this birth time may not be as accurate as the time recorded by the attending physician or midwife.

Order your birth certificate. Not all states and areas include your time of birth on a birth certificate. Ask for your birth time information when you order.


Contact the hospital or birth facility where you were born.


Visit an astrologist for a birth time rectification if you can't find your time of birth and are seeking it for astrological reasons.



  • If the hospital or facility you were born at is no longer in operation, check other nearby hospitals. Often, birth records are transferred to the nearest medical facility when one shuts down.

    If you were delivered at home by a midwife, obtain the name of the midwife from your parents and contact her for your birth time.