How to Make a Formal Complaint With Sears

Sears no longer owns the famous landmark Sears Tower.
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A national chain of department stores, Sears has been in business for more than 120 years. The company relies on satisfied customers and has several avenues for patrons to register complaints. You can tweet, phone or live chat with a representative through links on the company website. If you wish to register a formal complaint, though, do it in writing.

1 Complain Via Email

To complain via email, go to and click on customer service. There are blanks for your personal information and a box to describe your complaint. Be specific and include the product number, name, purchase date and department.

2 Write a Letter

You may write a letter to register a formal complaint. Address it to: Sears Corporate Office; 3333 Beverly Road; Hoffman Estates, IL 60179; Attn: Customer Service. If you are in a Sears store, ask an employee to direct you to the manager. She may be able to solve your problem immediately.

3 What to Include

You are sending a business letter, so be polite and professional. If you need to, write a rough draft that contains all your outrage to get it off your chest. The person you are writing to is trained to solve problems -- but she is not the one responsible for them. Don't take it out on her. If you had a problem with an employee or his service, note the exact time, date and location as well as the employee's name. If it is a problem with a product, include when you bought it, from what store, the product name and any product numbers. Don't make the recipient guess at what remedy you prefer, such as your money back, store credit, a replacement or the same service from a different person. Finish on a positive note. Tell the recipient how you prefer to be contacted, but give her a couple of options.

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