There are many psychics out there—some with legitimate psychic abilities and others who are not so legitimate. The American Association of Professional Psychics certifies psychics in order to help consumers distinguish between the good psychics and the ones who may be in business to scam their customers. In order to do this, and to improve the public perception of psychics, the organization has a certification process to verify a psychic’s qualifications and abilities.

Submit a recent photograph—this could be a copy of a driver’s or business license.

Obtain at least three letters of recommendation from clients who can verify your psychic abilities.

Obtain third-party verification of psychic abilities. This can include newspaper articles and proof of work that was done with law enforcement or other government agencies.

Write an essay explaining how you developed your psychic talents and how you can use your abilities to help people.

Include the certification fee of $125.

Mail all of these materials to: American Association of Professional Psychics P.O. Box 7118 Ellicott City, MD 21042

Perform psychic consultations with Certification Committee members. Once the American Association of Professional Psychics reviews your materials, they will contact you to make appointments for sessions with three members of the Committee.