How to Complain Against a DMV Employee

Don't let a rude or incompetent employee at the DMV go unreported.

Department of motor vehicles employees in general get a bad reputation based on the long lines that usually exist at the license bureau. In many cases, the employees have dealt with angry drivers all day, and by the end of their own day, they are in no mood for being nice. Sometimes, however, you might cross the path of a DMV employee whose behavior goes beyond unpleasant and is unacceptable. In these cases, it is important for you to draw attention to that employee's behavior so that it can be corrected.

Record or remember the name of the employee that you had a problem with, the date and time of the problem, and the specific problem that you encountered. Give yourself time to cool off. In retrospect, you may find it easier to understand the behavior of the DMV employee, and this will allow you to approach the manager or supervisor without anger.

Contact the employee's immediate supervisor or DMV branch manager by telephone the following day. Explain to them the situation without becoming angry. The saying "cooler heads prevail" is never more appropriate than when you are lodging a complaint.

Visit the state website for your department of motor vehicles and find the link that requests you to evaluate your recent experiences at the DMV field office. Filling out this form ensures that the problem will be investigated and dealt with, even if the supervisor or manager cannot or will not do anything about the problem.

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