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Writing a letter to your state governor is one way to make your voice heard in the government. If you want to write a letter to the governor and address him or her in writing then all you really need is the proper address for your complaint or request. Fortunately, finding that address can be easier than one might think.

Find the address of the governor who you want to contact. A complete address list can be found at Additionally a list of governors' contact addresses is kept at, the homepage of the National Governors Association.

Write your letter. Make sure that you maintain a polite tone and that you clearly lay out the purpose for your letter and what you want from the state representative. If you're urging your governor to pay more attention to a certain problem, then make your case for why it's an important issue. This letter should follow general business format, and you should address the governor by title and last name, and you should use proper English throughout, excluding slang or unofficial forms of speech.

Have someone read over your letter to make sure that your points are clear and that there aren't any mistakes. Once it's been proofread, send your letter off to the governor.