How to Write a Letter for a Price Request

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Businesses and individual customers often need to write a letter to receive a price request in order to receive a quote before hiring a company. For example, if you want to hire a company to landscape your yard, you might get an initial price quote to help you compare companies. Using the right format when writing a letter for a price request can help expedite your request and receive the information you need faster.

1 Type your name

Type your name, address and the date at the top of the price request letter to complete the header.

2 Add Price Request

Add “Price Request” at the top of the letter to make it clear what the content of the letter is regarding.

3 Are requesting a price

State that you are requesting a price and include what you want priced, such as a particular product or type of service.

4 Include a Description section

Include a “Description” section where you describe the nature of your project, the service you want or the product in greater detail.

5 Put in a Requirements section if relevant

Put in a “Requirements” section if relevant. List all of your requirements to get a more accurate price quote.

6 Let the company

Let the company know where the price quote can be sent and when you need it. Include your name again, a telephone number, email, address and fax number if relevant.

7 Thank the recipient

Thank the recipient for taking the time to honor your request and provide you with a price quote.

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