How to Find or Locate Someone in China

With its vast population, finding people in China can be difficult.

The Far Eastern nation of China is notable for its large population which is still growing at a rapid pace. Tracking down an individual can occasionally be tricky, particularly if the search is conducted from outside the country. However, the Internet provides several sources that people can use when attempting to look for individuals in China, whether a friend, family member, long-lost coworker or pal from childhood.

Search for people on is the name of the Chinese version of Yahoo, which is an Sunnyvale, California-based search engine. offers an option for individuals to search for results regarding individuals solely, leaving out any other websites that do not pertain to people. The people search sector of was launched in late 2007.

Use PeekYou to find people in China. is a New York City-headquartered search engine that specializes in free searches for individuals all around the planet. The free search engine offers searches for people divided by nation, with China being one of the options. The search results can be narrowed down into specific categories, such as the region within the nation (whether it is Liaoning, Hunan or Qinghai), gender and age.

Use social networks to find people in China. Social networking is a wildly popular trend in China, such as in many other parts of the world. Although many Chinese citizens use social networking sites that are popular in the United States, such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster, several sites lead the way in China, such as Renren (, Fanfou which is similar to Twitter (, (, Xiaonei ( and Kaixin001 (

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