As a Picasa user, you can take advantage of free Google Cloud storage by uploading your photos to Picasa Web Albums, Google’s photo storage and sharing website. Because both the Picasa desktop program and Picasa Web Albums are Google products, uploading photos from the Picasa program’s interface to Picasa Web Albums is a built-in functionality. However, although you don’t need a Google Account to download and use the Picasa program, you need one to upload your photos to Picasa Web Albums.

Step 1

Launch Picasa, and then select the album or folder in the left pane that has the photos you want to upload.

Step 2

Click the photo you want to upload. To upload multiple photos simultaneously, press and hold the "Ctrl" key as you click each photo.

Step 3

Click the "Share" button, and then enter your Google Account login credentials on the pop-up window.

Step 4

Click the "Album Visibility" drop-down bar, and then select the option you want to use, such as "Public on The Web."

Step 5

Click the "Image Size" drop-down bar, and then select the upload size of the photos, such as "1024 Pixels."

Step 6

Click the "Add People to Share With" box, and then select the groups of people you want to share your photos with. You can also enter the email addresses of anyone you want to share the photos with in the open box.

Step 7

Click the "Share" button, and then click "Upload." Click the "Clear Completed" button after the upload is complete.