How to Find People in Greece

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Finding people in Greece is as simple as looking up a name or number in a Greek telephone book. You can find those Greek telephone books online. There are even telephone books and online search methods that can help you locate people in Greece when you’re not sure of the spelling of the name; if you don’t know where in Greece they may be living; if you have only a cell phone number, internet address or email address; or if you know only where they work.

Utilize Google's people search function by typing the name of the person you're looking for in quotation marks into Google's search slot. If you know where the person you're trying to locate lives or works, add that information after the quotation marks. Unfortunately, Google telephone books are limited to the US.

Look up the person’s name in the Greek white pages. D’ provides a complete Greek phone directory that allows you to look up people by last name, by part of the last name if you’re not sure of the spelling or by phone number if that’s all you have. The white pages are available in Greek and in English.

Greek telephone directories from OTE, the Hellenic Telecom Organization, list more than 5 million subscribers, more than 100,000 professionals and telex and fax numbers. These directories are available in Greek only.

Look for people using White Pages Greece. The White Pages Greece website provides numerous and unique ways to find people. Get a phone number by using the reverse directory to search by address if that’s all you have. If you know where people are working, you can perform specific searches. For example, you can use the hotel white pages or the government white pages to look up people by name. For folks who are very difficult to find, check the super white pages and the people search pages.

Find people using their Internet or email addresses by utilizing Greekphones. The Greekphones website,, lets you perform a free search using an email address, Internet address, last name, part of the last name or telephone number. You also can look up postal codes and area codes on this site.

If all else fails and you can’t find the people you’re looking for any other way, you can pay a service to perform a people search for you. In addition to its free services, the website provides a fee-based people search. is based on the island of Crete.

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