Dubai is home to over 1.8 million people.

The population in Dubai is made up of 76 percent foreign-born ex-patriots, with around 10,000 new residents arriving in the city each month. The large and highly mobile nature of the general population can make it difficult to find individuals living or working in Dubai. Armed with some relatively basic information, however, making contact with people living in Dubai is quite simple. There are numerous Dubai-focused directories focusing on professionals working in specific industries or companies and foreign embassies are also a good resource. Since almost all ex-pats in Dubai are dependent on a work visa, most people can be found via their place of work.

Search for the individual you are hoping to contact using a broad search engine. A good place to begin a general search is by looking up the individual's employer in the Yellow Pages Dubai database. This source offers a comprehensive list of businesses operating within the city.

Narrow your search by looking in directories that are organized either by industry or company. Many Dubai-based directories fcan be ound on the Data Dubai Directory website. If you are unsure of the specific company, begin your search more broadly by searching an industry directory--for example, Hospitality or Human Resources.

Call the Dubai embassy office of the the country of the individual's citizenship. Many embassies encourage their citizens to register at the local embassy if they plan on staying in a host country for an extended period of time. You may have to go through some sort of security screening before any information is released to you by embassy employees.

Contact the Human Resources department of the domestic headquarters or branch of the company the individual works for. Oftentimes the home HR office will have records of a relocated employee's location. Even if the information only leads you to the Dubai office's HR department, you are one step closer to finding the person you are looking for.

Things Needed

  • ['Name of the company the individual is employed by', "Individual's nationality"]


  • If you are unable to find contact information for an individual that you know lives in Dubai, try searching Abu Dhabi business directories. The cities are not far from one another and it is possible for someone living in Dubai to work in Abu Dhabi.


  • Obtaining information about the employees of private Emirati-owned businesses may be considerably harder than trying to locate ex-patriots or employees of non-Emeriati-owned businesses.