How to Find a List of Federal Employees

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As long as you can do a basic online search, you can use this information to find a list of the federal employees in every government agency. Each agency posts a directory of employees on the Federal Citizen Information Center National Contact Center website. Some agencies include just the names of their employees along with a telephone number, while other agencies also include email addresses for each employee.

1 Place the Federal Citizen Information Center web address

Place the Federal Citizen Information Center web address in your browser bar. The address (also in Resources) is This takes you to the directory of all the federal employees.

2 Click

Click on the link called "Federal Employee Phone Directories, by Agency." This takes you to another menu of links because each agency provides its own directory.

3 Choose an agency

Choose an agency. Click on it. A PDF directory will display. This contains an alphabetized list of the federal employees who work for that agency.

4 Call 1

Call 1-800-FED INFO to speak to someone at the Federal Citizen Information Center if you cannot find the federal employee who you are trying to contact on one of the agency directories. You can also engage in an online chat at the website. As long as it is between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on a weekday that is not a holiday, you can reach a live person at this center by telephone or chat.

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