Perhaps you have purchased a cemetery plot and no longer want it. Maybe you've moved far away from that cemetery or have decided on other arrangements. Your unwanted plot could help people in need. Plots are expensive, and many families cannot afford them. When a person dies before his or her time, such as in cases of homicide, the last thing the family wants to have to bear is the cost of a burial. Fortunately, there are many organizations available for people to be able to receive a donated cemetery plot, including Homicide Survivors Inc., the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts, and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Decide which charity organization you want to donate the cemetery plot to. If you have moved away, it's best to pick an organization in the community where the plot is. Most organizations that handle donated plots will offer those plots only to people in their service area.

Make a copy of the deed for the cemetery plot for your records. You will need to mail the original deed to the charity organization.

Write a letter indicating that you are donating the plot. The letter will need to include your full name and address and the reason why you are donating. Have the letter notarized. Make a copy for your records.

Send the deed and letter by Certified Mail. This will give you proof that the documentation was received.

Expect a letter back from the charity organization. The letter should thank you for the donation as well as include information that you will need to claim the donation as a tax deduction.

Things Needed

  • ['Deed for the plot', 'Notarized letter']


  • A donated cemetery plot will be tax deductible at the current market rate no matter how long ago the plot was bought.