How to Greet a Friend When They Have a Loss in Their Family

Your friend will appreciate your concern during her time of loss.
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Losing someone in the family may mean that your friend needs you now more than ever. Such emotionally charged events can be anxiety inducing, leaving you unsure of how to express your sympathy appropriately. When greeting a grieving friend, there are many things to say that will show your support and concern.

1 Greeting a Grieving Friend

Saying things like "I'm sorry," or "I am here for you if you would like to talk," and "Your uncle had a great sense of humor; I will never forget him," can all be appropriate greetings, according to the Everplans article, "How to Express Sympathy: What to Say and What not to Say." Telling your friend that you love her and care about her also is important. However, you should not say things like, "I know how you feel," or "At least, he died quickly," or "Don't worry," which can minimize your friend's pain. If you say anything about the deceased, your comments should be positive, and avoid bringing up stories that cast the late person in a negative light.

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