How to Give a National Junior Honor Society Recommendation

A strong recommendation letter helps with the application.

Applicants who want to be considered for the National Junior Honor Society may need a letter of recommendation as part of their application. This letter may come from a teacher or a youth leader or advisor from the community. The letter should be clear and concise, stating the student’s qualifications and verifying the good character of the student. If you do not feel comfortable writing the letter or will not have time to do it justice, it is better to tell the student no and allow him to find someone else to write the recommendation.

Make a list of qualities that you have observed in the student which makes him a good candidate for the National Junior Honor Society. In addition to good grades, the society is looking for integrity, honesty and a willingness to help others in the community.

Explain how you know the student. This can be done in one or two sentences in the opening of the letter.

Share a story or example that demonstrates the student’s character. If you do not have a specific story you may want to skip this or just comment on his excellent behavior in class.

List the positive qualities that you have observed in the student as well as how the organization will benefit from his membership.

Check the letter for spelling and grammar mistakes. The letter will hold more weight if it is well written.

Submit the letter according to the specifications that the student gives you. Some committees want the letters in a sealed envelope or mailed directly to them.

  • The National Junior Honor Society works as a service organization in the school. It is focused on recruiting students who have good grades and have demonstrated good character while at school. They take their decisions seriously and students must meet several requirements to get in. If you do not feel the student would be a good candidate to represent the program it is important to be honest in your letter.

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