Cleanse a Person's Aura

If you have been practicing meditation and working with your chakras for a while, you know how well a clean, balanced and harmonious aura can affect your life. Sometimes we know someone who is having a hard time coping; we can sense spiritual negativity and misalignment in their auric field. If these people do not practice meditation and cleansing on themselves, or if they are simply in too deep and too spiritually weak to help themselves, you can offer to cleanse their aura for them.

Prepare the room where the cleansing will take place with a physical cleansing. Fume the room with sage to create a positive vibration. If you like, set the mood with incense, candles, music, flowers, or anything that you or your friend will find relaxing and uplifting.

Make sure your own energies are balanced and in harmony before attempting to do a spiritual cleansing on someone else. An hour or so before your friend arrives, take some time to meditate. Check your chakras in meditation and ensure that they are functioning well. Before ending your meditation, open your chakras to increase your sensitivity.

In an open space, set up a comfortable area for your friend to sit or lie. The benefits of sitting on a chair is that you don't have to ask her to turn over; you can work both sides at once. The benefits of her lying down is that she may be able to get more relaxed during the cleansing. Ask your friend if she has a preference. Just make sure that the space you are working in is roomy enough for you to be able to walk around your friend and approach her comfortably at every angle.

When your friend arrives, have him sit or lie down. Begin by breathing together. Ask your friend to close his eyes and to rhythmically inhale and exhale. Tell your friend he can keep his eyes closed during the cleansing if he likes and ask him not to speak during the cleansing. If your friend is new to this, inform him of what is about to take place so he can relax and not worry about what will happen.

Hold your hands about six inches away from your friend and open yourself to sensing his energy. Starting at the top of his head, and working your way all around his body, down to his feet. If he is lying down, ask him to turn over when you've finished with his front.

As you are working your way over his body, pay close attention to the feelings that come to you. Notice any areas that tingle, feel hallow or thicker than others, or feel particularly warm or cold. Anything unusual. These are the areas you will want to focus on later.

After your initial "examination" of your friend's aura, run your hands over him again, this time "ruffling" his energy. Move your hands the way you would ruffle someone's hair, but without touching your friend's body.

Go from head to toe again, this time wiping downward. Visualize wiping the negativity off of your friend. As you do this, shake and wipe your hands off occasionally like you would as if they were wet and you have no towel. This will help get the residual negativity off of yourself so that it doesn't cling to you.

Go back over the problem areas you detected. If a place feels cold, project heat from your hands. If a place feels warm, project coolness. If a place feels rough, smooth it out. If it feels thick, scoop some energy away. If it feels thin or hallow, smooth in some energy like you would fill a hole of sand. Allow your instincts to take over.

"Wipe" your friend down once again, smoothing out his aura. Continue to shake off your own hands whenever you feel necessary.

Talk to your friend about the experience when you are finished. Ask your friend how she feels, and if she felt anything at any point during the cleansing. Tell her about the problem areas. Ask her if she's had any noticeable physical symptoms in those areas, such as soreness, aches, pains, stiffness, injuries or illnesses. You might want to suggest that your friend have a doctor pay close attention to those areas during her next check-up.

When your friend leaves, you might want to cleanse your own aura again, or smudge yourself with sage to rid yourself of any last vestiges of the negativity you removed from your friend to keep your own aura in balance.