How do I Print Merit Badge Certificate 33414?

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Recognizing the achievements of Boy Scouts is an important part of a Boy Scout Troop's leadership, especially as a Scout earns merit badges on his way to achieving his Eagle Scout award. One of the ways to recognize a boy is to give a pocket certificate, which is available for purchase from a local Scout shop. The eight-pack of pocket certificates, Item # 33414 in the Scout catalog, makes it easier for leaders to produce several awards at a time.

1 Go to your local official Scout Shop

Go to your local official Scout Shop and ask for Form 33414, which is a sheet made up of eight merit badge pocket certificates. If there isn't Scout Shop near you, go to to order your sheet.

2 Put the form

Put the form into the paper supply of your printer. The type of printer you have will determine the orientation of the paper. Typically, paper is fed face down into the printer.

3 Using your computer's word processing software

Using your computer's word processing software, set up a blank page of four columns and two rows on a blank piece of paper. This will allow you a similar orientation to the form. If you have a scanner, scan the form to get the measurement of your text precise.

4 Fill out the needed information

Fill out the needed information on the form, which will include the Scout's name, the name of the merit badge, the scout's council, unit, unit number and the signature of the unit leader.

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