How Can I Make Meal Tickets for a Fundraiser?

Tickets at fundraisers can be useful for organizational purposes.

Fundraisers require great organization and volunteer work. Creating a fundraiser is a popular way to gain extra needed funds for clubs such as baseball, scouts or school-based organizations. When a meal is provided for a fundraiser, one option is to ask for individuals to pay for meals at the time of the event, but some clubs prefer to issue meal tickets. Meal tickets help fundraiser organizers plan how much food donations will be needed or how many meals will need to be prepared before the event begins.

Utilize a ticket printing website, such as, where tickets can be purchased, or, where templates can be copied or printed for free. The site will take the fund raising information, such as the date, name, time and event and print the information on tickets for a fee. The company will allow phrases specific to meal tickets, such as, "One Meal" or "Meal Ticket for (Fundraiser Name)." Other decisions, such as advertising or donation suggestions, may also be added to the ticket.

Use a template, such as Microsoft's Ticket Templates or TicketCreator 5.2. These template software products will allow a ticket creator to add information after choosing a ticket design generated by the software. Include the date of the event and specifics regarding the meal purchase, such as tickets for a full or half meal, tickets for meals with drinks or special reduced item meals for children and seniors. Print the tickets in sheets of six or more.

Include all information on the tickets so ticket holders will have concise information regarding their meal ticket purchase. Use the back of the ticket to thank purchasers for their donation or advertise future events. Do not make the ticket too busy, but include enough information to direct the ticket holder with specifics regarding the meal.

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