Land your child's cute smile in a magazine.

If you think your baby is cute enough be in magazines but don't know how to make that happen, there are simple things you can do. Hooking up with a modeling agency or just taking your baby to casting calls can be a quick way to enter the business. Be sure you have professional photographs of your baby to take with you.

Sign your baby up with a baby modeling agent. Many agents specialize in dealing with children, so you'll want to find one that is willing to take on your child. Baby modeling agencies will submit your baby for magazine print jobs once your baby is represented by them. Whenever a client is looking for a baby with your child's look, your baby's agent will submit your baby's photo to the client. If the client likes your baby's look and thinks she will be great for their magazine, your baby will then be booked for the magazine print job. To get a modeling agent for your baby, look up baby modeling agencies and submit their photos to the agency. If an agency is interested, they will contact you and will set you up with an interview to come in with your baby.

Enter your baby in photo contests. Some parenting magazines run baby photo contests where the prize is being on the cover of the magazine. Enter your baby into modeling contests that allow them to be in a magazine if they win or are a finalist. Submit their photos to multiple baby contests like these to increase your child's chances of being chosen.

Submit photos to a magazine casting call. Magazine companies, photographers and ad agencies also post casting call notices for kids for their magazines. You can find casting calls websites and search for magazine casting calls. When you find magazine job casting calls, follow the submission guidelines exactly. Make sure to submit the cutest photos of your baby and make sure the photos are clear. Be sure to research a company first before submitting your baby for the magazine print casting.