How to Hide a Dimple in the Chin With Makeup

A touch of creative shading makes dimpled chins a bit less pronounced.
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A dimpled chin can add an austere beauty to the face, as illustrated by the girl-next-door charm of Sandra Bullock or the regal allure of Christina Hendricks. While there's no need to feel ashamed of a little cleft, the magic of makeup lies in its ability to transform chosen aspects of your face, from highlighting your smoky eyes to slimming the bridge of your nose. If you seek a subtler chin, you can turn to a variety of makeup methods to get the job done.

Wash your face with your favorite gentle cleanser, and pat your skin dry with a clean towel. No matter what sort of makeup you apply, you want to start with a clean slate for the smoothest application and optimal durability.

Squeeze a tiny dollop of instant wrinkle filler onto the back of your hand, then pick up a little bit with your fingertip and dab the filler into the line of your chin dimple. Don't rub or smear the filler; allow it to set in for a minute or so. This creates a smoother surface that diminishes the appearance of dimples and lines, and it makes for a smoother application of concealer -- otherwise, lines such as dimples may trap the concealer, creating an uneven look.

Use a flat brush to pick up a little bit of heavy concealer -- the dense, highly pigmented type of concealer that usually comes in a little pot -- and brush a light coat into the dimple. Blend it by gently dabbing with the pad of your ring finger. Apply a light coat of lifting concealer -- the lighter tube- or wand-type concealer -- over the heavy concealer in the same fashion. Choose concealers that are about one-half to one shade lighter than your skin tone or foundation.

Pick up some sheer mineral powder -- ideally a bronzing powder about one shade darker than your skin tone -- with a large blush-type brush. Tap the brush on the edge of the container to remove excess powder, then gently sweep the brush over the entirety of your chin and make smooth downward strokes along your neck and up your jawline to blend it. This shadowy powder subtly draws attention from your chin, shifting the focus to the upper part of your face.

  • Boldly accentuate other facial features to highlight them, which in turn takes focus away from your chin. Go with dark eyeliner, smoky eye shadow or bright blush, for instance.
  • When purchasing a concealer, smooth a little on your jawline to be sure that the tone can easily be blended with both your facial skin and the skin on your neck.

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