How to Hard Reset an LG Octane

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Hard resetting a cellular phone completely wipes it of user data. If you hard reset your LG Octane, you'll be returning the phone to its factory settings. A hard reset is often the last step in troubleshooting hardware and software issues, and is also recommended if you're planning on giving your old LG Octane to a friend or family member. You can hard reset the Octane directly from within the phone's operating system.

1 Select Menu from the Octane's home screen

Select “Menu” from the Octane's home screen.

2 Select Settings and Tools

Select “Settings and Tools,” and then choose “Phone Settings.”

3 Select Security

Select “Security” and enter the phone's security code. By default, this code is set to the last four digits of your phone number.

4 Choose Restore Phone

Choose “Restore Phone.” Select “OK” when asked to confirm. Enter the restore phone code to proceed -- this code is also set to the last four digits of your phone number by default.

5 Wait while the phone restores

Wait while the phone restores. When it finishes and completes its final boot, it will be restored to factory settings.